About the Guru


Dr. Vishwas Chhabra has done his Post graduation diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy, after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda. During his Post Graduation diploma he did his Thesis on Yoga for Depression at Gujarat University, India.

Recently represented UAE for International Yoga conference held in New Delhi. He has done research in “Yoga for Rheumatoid Arthritis” and presented paper in APLAR Congress of Rheumatology 2008, Japan. His Research paper is Published & got award for “Best work improving Quality Of Life”

He has recently made video showing various exercises for people going for Hajj

He is a writer of book “ Yoga-Anywhere-Anytime & for Everybody”

Regularly do Radio talks and write columns for newspapers & magazines. He is associated with Indian Workers Resource Center, UAE and conduct workshops on various health issues.

He is presently doing Yoga training for Indian Business & Profession Council, and Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants Dubai chapter. For Corporate Groups, he has given a new look to well-being by introducing various Workplace Wellness Programs “Sit Fit ” to manage Repetitive Strain Injury & Occupational Related Disorder.

He is associated with leading Medical Center, Dubai.

Has travelled many countries to conduct more then 350 workshops for various Lifestyle issues by Yoga, Mediation, Self healing, Art of breathing, Motivation & so on.

Rina Bhatt

Rina started Yoga at an early age to develop her skills, concentration and balanced temperament. As she pursued it formally, the deeper she went, it gave her larger understanding of self, life and environment and thus yoga became an integral part of her life and a way of living.

She is internationally certified by the Dev Sanskriti Vishwa Vidhyalaya Haridwar. She also practised with elite yoga masters from different schools of yoga and incorporates the Iynger methods while practising and teaching.
Her class is appropriate for students of all levels. Rina specializes in teaching Hatha Yoga, Hatha flow and Prenatal.
The tempo of the class makes it appropriate for beginners, while the emphasis on proper alignment makes them challenging enough for experienced practitioners.
Maintains studentship as a yoga sadhna. She regularly attends courses and program like sadhna intensive for herself practice and growth.
One can hope for a class filled with positivity, and change of inner attitudes impacting ones being from within.